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Minella Hollow  winner for Team Nallen at Ballinrobe 28/5/24.

Visit to our yard in Lavally

 Just over a fortnight ago Minella Premier made a winning debut at Ballindenisk point-to-point in Co Cork, scoring by a dozen lengths. The Shantou gelding, who cost €20,000 as a foal, was a late entry for this week's Goffs Spring Sale in Doncaster and duly topped Wednesday's session.
Related to high-class chasers Captain Chris and Function Dream, Minella Premier caught the interest of bidders Laura Morgan, Tom Malone and A.J. O'Neill - all of whom bid past £300,000 - but it was McGrath who prevailed at £400,000.
Henderson said: “Jerry’s known all about him for a while and we followed him into his point-to-point and out of his point-to-point. Everybody was impressed by him and he had a lot of ‘wow’ around him. He’s come here with that behind him and all the right people followed him into the ring.
“It’s great to see a horse make that sort of money. A really good horse with a real vibe around him is entitled to go and do that. He’s a beautiful horse. He’s for Oliver Harris. He’s got some smart novice hurdlers this year. We’ve had four for him this year and all four have won. They’re all proper horses and this one joins the portfolio with all the right credentials.”
It was a good day at the office for Nallen, a legend of the point-to-point field who famously had graduates Minella Indo and Minella Times win the Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National in the same season three years ago.

He also sold Minella Juke, a five-year-old son of Jukebox Jury who won on debut at Dromahane last month, to Dan Astbury and Gillian Johnston for £140,000; Minella Sixo, a five-year-old son of Shantou who scored on his first start at Loughrea this month, to Aidan O’Ryan and Pioneer Racing for £115,000; and Minella Post, a placed son of Champs Elysees, to Tom Gibney for £90,000.
A delighted Nallen said: “Minella Premier is the most impressive point-to-pointer we’ve ever produced. He’s by a good sire and he’s always been quality since we bought him as a foal. He’s done everything right.

“We just bring them along. If they keep taking it we run them, and if they don’t we give them another year. This fella took it well. We were confident when we took him to Ballindenisk. A man there asked me what I thought of him and I replied that I’d be afraid to tell him what I really thought. After the race he said ‘Ah, I think I know what you think of him now!’.“I had plenty of offers before I came here with him. You’d be shocked by how much money I was prepared to take him home for. It’s a great result, though, and Nicky Henderson will improve him stones. He’ll be a proper two and half-mile horse at Cheltenham next March.”




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Great to have members of @irish_shows visit lavally yard this morning to see the stock. 


Minella Mate 

Minella Mate

Jun 19 Minella-Mate-game-in-the-bumper
The Camera's roll in to Lavelly 
The interest grows as a new crop is shown to the press 
Crop of 2023 being Schooled at Lavally
Corky Carroll prepares his charges for a new season at Minella Racing

November 2022 Minella Double

 Winner of the of 4yo maiden at Dromahane

Cheltenham Gold Cup double March 18, 2022 


Minella Indo is runner up in the Cheltenhan Gold Cup  2022



Minella Cocooner is runner up in the Albert Bartlett at  Cheltenhan on Gold Cup Day  2022  

Grand National-gold Cup double 2021

Remarkable Grand National-gold Cup double for John Nallen, who bought both Minella Times and Minella Indo at the same sale and nurtured them on his farm in Lavelly.

I look at all the foals the night before the sale, every single one of them, and the good ones just jump into your arms’

Minella Hub maintained his unbeaten Plumpton record

Plumpton Racecourse 

Feb 28, 2022

Thank you to everyone who came along today!

@PH_horseracing kicked things off with a 40/1 winner, Minella Hub maintained his unbeaten Plumpton record, and it was fantastic to see @joshmoore91 notch a 409/1 double! 🏆😲

John Nallen discussed, selling star horses, future stars ready to run, buying young stock & more.

Minella Cocooner

Finding and buying foals that go on to win big for top trainers is what John Nallen does with his team @MinellaRacing. John is remarkably successful with horses called after the family business. 

Minella team ready to go for a new season

After the dreamworld of Aintree and Cheltenham and the wonderful Minella horse racing double, matters have calmed down now and the dedicated team responsible for that incredible success story are busy preparing for a new season.

Cocooner has options now..

The Minella Racing team at Lavally outside Clonmel are just getting on with the job, doing what they have been doing for over thirty years, working with and looking after horses every day of the week at the now globally renowned yard.

Success at Dublin racing Festival

The work routine is exactly the same as it always has been, as staff gather in the early hours of the morning as they prepare for the start of another point to point season, which is crucial to the survival and the success of Minella Racing every year.

Seanie Bowan

Everything is measured by performances at point to point meetings and that is where the work of John Nallen and his team will be judged after years of patience and hard work with the horses that are ready to make their point to point debut. Some adjustments have taken place, Visitors wander around the yard getting an up-close view as Johnny Barry, CorkyCarroll, Heather Walsh and John Nallens two nephews Conor and Sean, go about their business feeding the horses, schooling them and washing them down.

One huge change since April has been the interest residents at the Minella Hotel have taken concerning what happens at Lavally. About 50% of the hotel residents now come out here to Lavally to have a look at what is going on, they want to see where Minella Indo and Minella Times were reared,said John Nallen.

Johns focus and that of the team at Lavally is now firmly fixed on the beginning of a new point to point season, the arena where all their hard work is put to the test with the season, starting in the last week of September. That is the bread and butter of it really, it is all geared to preparing a horse to win at a point to point and then moving them on.That is the way it is, that is the shop window, that is where you sell your goods,said John Nallen While what happened last March and April was, as John describes it, fairytale stuff , the Minella team have been doing the same work every day of the year for the last thirty years with significant success but nothing compared to the magic that occurred earlier this year.

Minella Times

Aintree Grand National

Minella Times wins the 2021 Aintree Grand National
Indo wins gold cup

Gold Cup

Minella Indo won a thrilling  2021 Cheltenham Gold Cup under Jack Kennedy to deny Rachael Blackmore aboard A Plus Tard in a 1-2 for trainer Henry de Bromhead.
You went from trading stock to trading stock with a world brand, to have produced two world brand leaders changed everything,said John.

Hard work is a given in the industry and a combination of good judgement, knowledge and care for the animals with a bit of good fortune is also required.

You have to wait until you get form on them, then they will get sold. You put in a batch every year and hope they work out, some years it works out more than others and that is the way it is. They find different levels and find their new homes. We will be starting off 15 to 20 for the first time in point to point, the level they find dictates the market and where they end up,said John. John said that the team and himself would have an idea of the level each horse would get to, that you could pick out the really special ones. You would have an idea, the real ones show their natural ability very early. We buy them as foals, seven or eight months old. We work on them then rear them, feed them every day of their life, keep them healthy, as two-year-olds, we break them and school them and get them going, keep graduating them up from jumping a small pipe to a fence,said John. We work to just get form and get them sold, getting them to the right place is very important. Where they end up is important, where they go to and how they are handled afterwards. The team here adds value to them and try and make a few quid. People come, they want to see, they want to take a picture, some horse people, some betting people, all kinds, some people dont know what a horse is but they saw it on television and they want to see it,said John.

First and foremost it is a family business but one horse is not for sale, and John says that is the most valuable horse they have at Lavally. That horse belongs to his son Jack, who works side by side with his father every day. Jack knows what is going on with the horses. He would know by you whether you had a fancy on one. Jack has a cob Bell, that is the most valuable horse here, one that will never be sold,said John. Last year some very special moments were witnessed all over the world, Minella Indo winning the Gold Cup, Minella Times winning the Grand National, The most special moment of the most incredible year for John and his wife Bernadine, however, was watching Jack ride around the track at Lavally with Rachael Blackmore, who visited shortly after her Aintree triumph.

That was our Grand National really, absolute dream stuff to see Jack going around with Rachael,said John.


Feat of a lifetime for John Nallen
The Inside Tipp Podcast

The Inside Tipp Podcast

John Nallen - 24/06/2021 

On Sale

Class of 2021

The latest crop of young horses named Minella now on sale.
Minella horses are purchased as yearlings and reared by John Nallen at his Lavally Farm.

 ‘Rough diamonds’ 

Hotelier who turns ‘rough diamonds’ into Grand National winners raises a toast after ‘double’ success.
Racing Post interview

Transforming foals into prized pointers: Martin Stevens meets the man who launched Notebook, Minella Indo, Minella Times and more.

The Minella Method

Jan 24, 2020  Racing Post Article - Download . 


Meet the headmaster of the school for jumpers. John Nallen has an eye for a foal that can be turned into a highly valuable racehorse
 Meet the headmaster of the school for jumpers.

John Nallen has an eye for a foal that can be turned into a highly valuable racehorse

Sunday Independant, 8 March 2020 article ,  Download.

The Big Interview The Irish Field, 2019 - Download. THE BIG INTERVIEW: The Man from Minella

The Big Interview The Irish Field, 2019 - Download.

RTE Interview with John.

John Nallen tells Brian Gleeson how he bought this years Cheltenham Gold Cup and Grand National winners as foals and sold them.

John Nallen's Methods

John Nallen is an accomplished horse trainer who has always named his horses after his family Hotel. John Nallen talks openly about the Minella Racing machine in 2013.

Winter Feeding

In this video John Nallen shows us the winter feeding routine on the farm.John Nallen owner of Hotel Minella has trained race horse's in the Minella name for over 30 years. John takes us behind the scenes at his Minella Racing yard, as he prepares the latest young horses. 


Minella Runners at the Cheltenham Festival in 2019 


Lavally home of Minella Racing

Class of 2019 Young horses going through their paces at Johns's yard.

Schooling the 2019 stock over hurdles on the all weather. Ridden by the Minella Racing team of James, Johnny, Bryan, Eoin.

Minella Trump-4 yr Shantou,  Minella Melody-4 yr Flemensfirth mare,  Minella Devil-4 yr Flemensfirth,  Minella Beat-5 yr Beat Hollow,  -3 yr Martalain ,  -3 yr Jeremy,  -3 yr Shirocco,  -3 yr Kayf Tara,  -3 yr Kayf Tara,  -3 yr Fame&Glory,  -3 yr Flemensfirth,  -3 yr Shirocco ,  -3 yr Stowaway, -3 yr Shirocco,  -3 yr Beat Hollow,  -3 yr Flemensfirth,  -3 yr Beat Hollow,  -3 yr Shirocco,  -3 yr Rail Link,  -3 yr Shantou,   -3 yr Shirocco.


Minella Horses in Training

Class of 2016 going through their paces at John Nallen’s Yard at Lavally.

Class of 2015

These novices are being put through their paces over hurdles by John Nallen of Minella Racing and Minella Hotel Clonmel.

Class of 2014

These novices are being put through their paces over hurdles by John Nallen.

Class of 2013

These novices are being put through their paces over hurdles by John Nallen.


Tour of the gallops

John is delighted to bring visitors on a tour to his gallops & Minella Racing Stables to see the horses put through the there paces.

Contact John (353 86 2052072  -   Minellaracing - Find us on facebook