Minella Gives Back

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The Nallen family have been giving back to racing for many years and supporting those less fortunate who are also involved in the sport they love.

John is a quiet, behind the scenes operator who likes to deal one-on-one. He has given a lot back to racing that people will never know of nor would he want them to know about, that's the type of man he is.

The Nallen family have always been kind and decent people and understand that the most beautiful of gifts are the ones given from the heart.

When it comes to more public support of the industry, Irish Injured Jockeys (IIJ) has been a vehicle for the Nallen family to support those less fortunate for whom the 'going has got tough'.

Here are just two examples of auction purchases that are on show at Hotel Minella bought by the Nallen Family in aid of injured riders over the years. The proceeds of which went to Irish Injured Jockeys, The Jonjo Bright Trust and the trust of the late great John Thomas McNamara.


Artist Sarah Lennon visits her work at Hotel Minella while on a family staycation! 

Renowned Irish Artist, Sarah Lennon enjoyed a staycation with a difference at Hotel Minella with her family recently. Sarah was in Tipperary to be reunited with her work titled ‘Whispered Courage’ purchased by the Nallen family at a prestigious charity auction in aid of Irish Injured Jockeys and Sensational Kids at the Curragh Racecourse last year. The incredible work of art is a life-sized fibre resin horse sculpture painted in Sarah’s unique style. Read More


Minella Pushes The Boat Out!

The Nallen Family of Hotel Minella, Clonmel gave generously at the Limerick Charity Raceday on Monday 14th October 2013. In support of Jonjo and JT and the Jockeys Emergency Fund they purchased Peter Curling’s ‘Pushing The Boat Out’ illustration for €20,000. The clever illustration partnered the renowned owner’s colours initiative, captioned ‘Be there for JT & Jonjo…nail your colours to the mast’ and quickly became the iconic image of the fundraising appeal. Read More