Minella Pushes The Boat Out!

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Peter Curling’s ‘Pushing The Boat Out’ 

The Nallen Family of Hotel Minella, Clonmel gave generously at the Limerick Charity Raceday on Monday 14th October 2013. In support of Jonjo and JT and the Jockeys Emergency Fund they purchased Peter Curling’s ‘Pushing The Boat Out’ illustration for €20,000.

The clever illustration partnered the renowned owner’s colours initiative, captioned ‘Be there for JT & Jonjo…nail your colours to the mast’ and quickly became the iconic image of the fundraising appeal. Curling’s subtle portrayal of the brave jockeys in troubled waters inspired owners to make a donation and have their colours included in the commemorative card, the campaign raised over €62,000.

Trainer and Hotelier John J Nallen with his sister Elizabeth said “We were only too delighted to be able to donate to such a worthy cause and we hope that the flagship charity event will inspire similar generosity to keep topping up the Jockeys Emergency Fund.” The painting now hangs in the bar at Hotel Minella, a spot synonymous in the South East with the racing fraternity.